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You could be a volunteer and get involved in our work. MMS – School in hosur – Volunteering will allow you to see your own life from a new perspective. Volunteering lets you spend some of your valuable time focusing on others. Hence, Get started. Be a volunteer for MMS – School in Hosur!

 Research – MMS School in Hosur

The orderly exploration, investigation and inquiry of a subject matter for the purpose of adding to knowledge with the aim to arrive at dependable solutions and theories through planned and systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data, related to devising new applications, establishing or confirming of facts, Likewise reaffirming the results of previous works, solving new or existing problems, support or develop new theories.

Long Term Research

Research into education has a huge impact on the design of courses, curriculum development, and teacher training. Understanding the tremendous growth in the area of research, similarly, MMS has a thoughtful approach to education, the challenges facing economically disadvantaged students and the role of schools within a community. Researches by MMS have improved the quality of the education provided and the impact of education in the everyday life of our students. This is because MMS encourages the staff and other stakeholders to take up long term research in association with our Education Research Development and Training Unit(ERTDU).

Action Research

A disciplined process of inquiry conducted by and for those taking the action. Similarly, the primary aim of action research is to assist the “actor” in improving and/or refining his or her actions.

The Three Purposes of Action Research:

Action research serves three compatible, yet distinct, purposes:

Building the reflective practitioner making progress on school-wide

Hence, Building professional cultures

Advantages of Action Research

Empowers the participants.

Relevant to the participants.

Makes the participants effective.

Hence, Provides evidence of the participants’ efforts.

Action Research:The need of an hour
Professionalize teaching This is because, it enhances the motivation and efficacy of teachers Meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body Hence, Achieve success with standards-based reforms.

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