Children with Special Needs

Our inclusive approach to children with special needs has been running successfully since its inception in 2015. RICE MMS believes in the right to education for all children. This belief drives us to admit every child who approaches our school irrespective of the challenges they face or special needs they have. To provide education for children with special needs, we follow a “Twin Track” approach:

Main Streaming/ Inclusive education

Disability specific/Special classroom towards inclusion

Mainstreaming/ Inclusive education

Our campus is barrier free with easy accessibility for children with special needs. The campus is appointed with suitable signage and well placed ramps making it accessible for all. Children slow in learning or facing learnability issues, or other mild special needs are integrated into regular classrooms after initial remedial teaching and behavioral adjustments. They are also supplemented with supportive teachers in the regular classroom. Teaching and Learning Materials are prepared to cater to the needs of these children in the classrooms. Curriculum Modification is customized in tune with the regular syllabus focusing on the needs of these children to the extent possible. The modified curriculum is executed in the regular classrooms with the support of the remedial teacher, so that the children can appear in final exams either in the regular or open school schemes. Our approach of mainstreaming and providing inclusive education for children with special needs is a model to other educational institutions.

Disability specific/ Special Classroom towards inclusion

For children with special challenges who require more intensive training, a special classroom setup is available to provide disability specific training. After suitable training, those who can be included in mainstream education are moved to the regular classrooms [Inclusive education]. Others are provided prevocational, vocational skills training and job placement as per needs and feasibility [Social Inclusion].

We focus on 4 domains of training:

Daily Living Skills: dressing, feeding, and skills to be independent

Medical and Rehabilitation Therapy: Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, development of motor skills and language development

Education: Special Education, Functional Academics, behavior modification and Expressive Art Therapy (Art, Dance, Yoga and Sports)

Social: Self advocacy, community programmes and work experience

There is an Individual Rehabilitation Plan for each child where long term [annual] and short term [quarterly] goals are set. Goals are set and training is implemented for every child based on their abilities. Physical fitness is an integral part of our education. Our children have participated and won awards in district level tournaments. Monitoring, evaluation and follow up of every child is systematic and precise in order to enhance their skills.