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Phone : +91 4344 668260 / 70 / 80  Mobile : +91 94878 10760/ 8459 200 300

Mainstream Education

Best CBSE Curriculum School in Hosur - MMS

Mathakondapalli Model School is one of the top CBSE schools in Hosur. The school offers CBSE programs from grade 1 to 12 with excellent academics and skills-based education.
MMS provides an award-winning holistic education framework for student’s overall development.MMS Hosur offers a world-class education with high-class teaching methods and modern equipment. The objective of the school is to provide students with top-notch skills that will prepare them for future challenges.

What Makes MMS the Best CBSE School in Hosur?

The CBSE curriculum aims to provide the modern and best quality education to the students. It is one of the most reliable and recognised CBSE board high school across the country. MMS, a CBSE Academy School for primary, secondary and high school, makes students’ learning process simple and future ready. With our informative educational pattern, we add to the personality and academic growth of our students.

Our Faculty

MMS CBSE school in Hosur leverages modern learning processes that are practical, experimental, and simple to learn. We are very particular when it comes to hiring teachers, our teachers are the experts of their field.

Our Teachers grow and sharpen their knowledge by undergoing certification courses and training every year. Their experiential & expert teaching methods through the use of digital spaces and interactive technologies give the students an exponential growth.

The CBSE Curriculum

Our CBSE programme is balanced with skills-based learning and holistic education to let students focus on academics as well as overall individuals. We aim to provide students equal exposure to academics, sports, and extracurricular excellence to make them challenge-ready.
* Enhances the ability of the students to think practically and boost their reasoning skills

* Increases and improves the knowledge and skills of students

Interdisciplinary Teaching

Our interdisciplinary teaching gives students a powerful opportunity to apply knowledge, principles and values to more than one academic subject simultaneously. ‍ ‍

Real World Skilling

MMS has initiated specialized programmes that empower and foster students boosting their knowledge. Value-added programs like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics),21st century skills, Applied Digital skills, CBSE adhered skill subjects give students practical, conceptual thinking and a logical bend. We believe in keeping pace with 21st era technology and utilize technology to enhance the learning experience and provide the best education. The project and activity based teaching methodologies make us one of the top CBSE schools.