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Phone : +91 4344 668260 / 70 / 80  Mobile : +91 94878 10760/ 8459 200 300

Liberating Creativity

Mathakondapalli Model School (MMS) is dedicated to fostering self-directed education within a relaxed learning environment. Our aim is to provide a conducive learning space where the inherent talents of children can thrive, empowering them with control, choice, and personal responsibility. This approach significantly enhances the overall educational experience for all students.
Recognizing the need for educational reform in the 21st century, we are ahead of the traditional school system, which was originally designed during the industrial age and is long overdue for a comprehensive reboot.
Rote learning, which primarily promotes one form of intelligence, has been replaced by competency-based learning. We are consistently striving for a radical overhaul of our academic processes, emphasizing the cultivation of creativity, acknowledging diverse forms of intelligence, and moving away from the rigid focus on standardization.
At MMS, we offer individualized learning pathways tailored to each child’s developmental readiness and interests.
Here, children actively construct their own understanding through meaningful and relevant learning experiences. We actively encourage students to participate in a democratic process, where they learn essential life skills such as social responsibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and emotional literacy, in addition to their prescribed subject-related coursework.
This holistic approach to education aligns with the core principles of NEP 2020 and aims to prepare students for success in the 21st century.