Phone : +91 4344 668260 / 70 / 80  Mobile : +91 94878 10760/ 8459 200 300
Phone : +91 4344 668260 / 70 / 80  Mobile : +91 94878 10760/ 8459 200 300


Each dormitory has seven large halls. Each hall is attached with 6 bathrooms and 5 toilets along with a sufficient number of fans and lights. Each hall measures about 1877sqft and every child gets 47 sqft;. The ratio of bathroom usage is 5:1 and that of toilet is 6:1. In addition, the dormitory  has 22 bathrooms and 12 toilets in the lawn area for common use. Children are provided beddings on bunk cots with mattresses.

MM School Hostel

Ensuring continuous maintenance and monitoring of cleanliness and hygienic conditions in and around the school and hostel premises  is directly under the responsibility of the Principal.

In order to effectively implement the guidelines of the central and state governments, detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are kept in place in the of MM School hostels.

All staff in the hostel including cooks, helpers and resident students will be continuously trained in health and safety measures and undergo regular basic health check, like checking and recording the body temperature thrice daily.magasin coque telephonefoto handyhüllenhandyhülle personalisiertphone case bag

Personal Appointment

We have both full-time, and part-time house parents to guide and accompany the children in the hostels for both boys and girls. All the duties are divided among house parents so that the physical and psychological growth of children is monitored efficiently. The individual profile of each child is maintained by house parents to monitor the growth and development of each child.

Regular interaction and relationship with parents and guardians help the house parents understand the academic and behavioural expectations of their children. It is worth mentioning that  MM School also provides parental education to guide parents to monitor both the academic and behavioural development of their children.

Spacious and a Well Ventilated Dormitory With Attached Bath is Available

Telephone facilities with pre-defined timings during non- school hours

Exclusive, uninterrupted study room for students after school hours

Uninterrupted power supply  and separate generator for the entire campus

A medical health center with free medicines for sick students,Medical lab facility,RO water  line to all dormitories,Open air  theatre – programs on every weekend, Strict and fully supervised 24 X 7 security service

Best Sports School in Hosur at Glance

Mathakondapalli Model School is a day-cum-boarding school that allows parents to choose regular schooling hours or residential schooling, depending on the preference of their child.The hostel can accommodate up to 500 children. At present, more than 250 boys and girls reside in the hostel. Life for children here is simple, yet full of opportunities for community living  to help them develop their independent individual spirits.A unique practice at MM School is the short hostel-stay  facility in which day-scholars are permitted to live in the hostel for a few days or up to a week or more. The school provides residential programmes for them with a view to promote the integrated development of the body and mind, together with interpersonal skills. 

Health Care

A primary health facility is available for the residents in the medical clinic situated at the centre of the girls’ and boys’ hostels. Regular medical check-up for children is conducted by an  experienced  and qualified health nurse.

Children with minor ailments are treated in-house at the school health clinic. In case of severe illness, children are taken to the  nearest hospital and parents are informed immediately.  Growth monitoring is done each month to register the physical growth of every child.

Nutritional Food with Appropriate Calories

Nutritional value of food is the primary consideration while catering to children’s taste. Fruits and milk  are an integral part of the students’ meals as a rich supplement to their daily diet.

The food menu chart is prepared by the health nurse and the house parents, involving the children as well. They take into account the calorie value of each food item, finally getting approval from the Principal. The children are served hot, fresh, healthy, and nutritious food. Moreover, children are also advised and encouraged to consume food items which are served with calorie value in proportion.

Hostel Life

The hostel life at MM School, the best Sports School in Hosur has several advantages. The main focus is on inculcating the habits of self-help.  The hostel life has been conceived and strategically implemented to enhance the following: Improved Social and Emotional Competencies, Improved Physical Fitness, Practice of Improved Life-Skills Activities, Fitness Activities-Yoga, Jogging and Aerobics, Individual Goal Setting (academic and behavioural), Circle Time, Individual Counselling, Behaviour Modification, Case Study Presentations, Cultural Events, Life Skill Programs: Gardening, Horticulture, Pre-Cooking Skills, House Keeping, Agriculture and Personality Development Programs.