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Phone : +91 4344 668260 / 70 / 80  Mobile : +91 94878 10752 / 753 / 760

Curriculum & Pedagogy

From the style of classroom discussion, to the teaching aids used by the faculty, to the quantum of skill and activity-based learning vis-a-vis rote learning,every day of learning at RICE-MMS is meant to be fun, enriching and enlightening. Students are encouraged to question, provoked to analyse, and motivated to experiment what they learn. Integration of sports and games,drama,dance,music and craft with subject teaching and learning is unique for RICE-MMS.

Multiple Intelligence & Learning Styles

Teachers identify students who exhibit a strong intelligence and use the Productivity Environment to determine their learning styles. A simple correlation of data is collected through-out the school life at RICE-MMS to see which learning style correlates with which intelligence. If several Correlations are found, a multiple regression is planned to determine which elements are the best predictors of intelligence . This would be exploratory by using a variety of teaching styles that are sensitive to the learning styles of students.

Children Metric Methodologies

The teaching methodology is designed as per the child’s interest and learning styles

  • Every activity revolves around the natural ability of the child
  • Flexible delivery techniques are used for various children based on their learning styles.
  • Exposure to and training in a variety of co-curricular activities like sports , music , dance, media and career oriented skills for the children’s interests to be accentuated