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Phone : +91 4344 668260 / 70 / 80  Mobile : +91 94878 10752 / 753 / 760

Campo Fezz 2022 Summer Camp

Dear Parents


Children and young people could feel the impact of COVID-19 on their mental health and well being for years to come, UNICEF warned in its flagship report. According to the latest available UNICEF’S estimates, more than 1 in 7 adolescents aged 10–19 live with a diagnosed mental disorder globally.

It has been a long 18 months for all of us – especially children. With nationwide lockdowns and pandemic-related movement restrictions, children have spent indelible years of their lives away from family, friends, classrooms, play – key elements of childhood itself.

As per UNICEF even before the pandemic, far too many children were unaddressed mental health issues. Not enough importance is being given on the relationship between mental health and future life outcomes. Diagnosed mental disorders, including ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, depression, eating disorders, intellectual disability, and Schizophrenia, can significantly harm children and young people’s health, education, life outcomes, and earning capacity.

We, MMS at this year’s summer camp starting from 27th April to 6th May 2022, are trying to address few of the urgent issues. We will also follow the benefits of the camp for sustainability during this year. Hence, we request you to kindly send your children for this important programme in their life.