We expect, and instill, through awareness, and instruction, ideas, attitudes and habits that espouse environmental responsibility in our children, and in our neighborhood. As an institution, we lead by example, in a variety of areas that converge into our reverence and commitment towards our environment:

Small Scale Initiatives:

Street lighting is a mix of solar powered and low wattage LED bulbs

All computers run on “energy saving” mode during school hours and are shut down after school hours

The entire administrative building is Solar driven for all its energy needs

Renewable Initiatives:

Our girls and boys dormitories both use solar powered water heaters


No vehicles are permitted inside the school sub-premises where classrooms are located.

Vehicular movement is kept to a bare minimum required within the campus. Dwellers and staff are encouraged to walk or use bicycles.


We use organically grown [in-house] and local food 100%.

We are a green landscape with undiluted emphasis on gardening and farming

We believe and strive to enforce zero food wastage through a variety of strategies

Waste Management:

Our current waste management policy and strategy is focused on minimizing consumption.

Green Buildings:

Our daylight usage on campus stands at approximately 80% with all classrooms, labs designed for 100% daylight utilization.


We harvest 100% of rain water

The campus is equipped with 2 sewage treatment plants which re-directs all treated water to our campus farms.

Reducing water consumption is our constant effort. Water is rationed at the campus housing facilities at the rate of 2 hours each, morning and evening.