The RICE MMS Alumni Association was formally launched in the year 2005 with an aim of encouraging the former students of RICE MMS to serve as a link between RICE-MMS, associated organizations and members of the alumni. Initially, membership of the Association was open only to students who completed X Standard at MMS. But this criteria has since been ratified to include anyone who studied at MMS and left before completing X standard.

The Association provides a platform and space for interaction among all the members and stakeholders. The members can avail services like
 Update information on further studies that they can take up
 Events organized by the association through a web page.
 Regular newsletter
 Annual Magazine

Members of the RICE-MMS Alumni Association are eligible to access all the Alumni Services freely. Each state will have a separate chapter of RICE-MMS Alumni. All the registered members of the respective state would elect a state representative who will be the link between RICE-MMS and Alumni for one year. RICE-MMS Alumni Association has a central office at the school campus. All former students are requested to fill the attached formats and send it to school once each year.


The objectives of the RICE-MMS Alumni Association are
  To support and promote the interests of alumni and the School community with a view to enabling and strengthening the bonds between RICE-MMS and its alumni community and thereby creating personal links with all the members of association.
  To provide the alumni services by fostering the values of fraternity and mutual collaboration among the present and out gone students of RICE-MMS
  To keep alumni informed and maintain good communications between alumni and RICE-MMS. Encourage meaningful alumni involvement with RICE-MMS, all the programs of RICE-MMS.
  To provide leadership as a support group both within the community and at RICE-MMS for mutual development and benefit.
  To seek support for the passed out students so as to provide any financial and non-financial support readily available for the deserving students on time.


The Alumni Association should promote strong communication and tight cooperation among RICE-MMS graduates, present students, teaching community and staff of RICE-MMS. The goals of the alumni association are
To continue to develop and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between RICE- MMS and its alumni.
To offer the passed out students and others who left RICE-MMS, a focal point of support and coordination for their future livelihood opportunities.
To promote awareness of alumni achievements and accomplishments among all alumni, present students, RICE-MMS staff and all stakeholders.
To create a network of RICE-MMS alumni and all stakeholders in the field of policy making for continuous support towards development.

A noteworthy milestone is that Alumni of RICE MMS have started an endowment fund called “LEI BROUNS ENDOWMENT FUND FOR EDUCATION”. This initiative has now resulted in starting RupeeKind Club and RupeeKind Insurance. The members of the Rupeekind club contribute to the fund @ Rs.1/- per hour, per day or per week. This contribution is deposited in a long term deposit and the proceeds are used to help the students in need to continue their education.


I would like to share few glimpses about my school life, it took very few days to adjust with the school, and a few weeks to adjust to the teachers and today the school and the campus, teachers are closest to my heart. This school has provided me number of opportunities and this is one of it. The real people behind the majestic achievement is our teachers and we thank them, as we will walk from here the school walls bear the story of  most precious years of my life. My sincere and heart will gratitude to our management, teachers and staff.

                                                                                    – Hariram 
10th  std.

Many things have been heard and said about gratitude over the years, for the better part of my life RICE-MMS has been my second home and it’s really hard to talk about four years of memories in one short note. I like to think of MMS as a sculpturing place that molded and motivated us towards the right path.
I take this opportunity to thank the management, all the members of RICE-MMS family and all the teachers for teaching not only the curriculum, but also enlightening us with valuable lessons of life. All my teachers & friends have always been an integral part of my life. This school’s uniqueness lies in various opportunities that it gifts to its entire pupil.
MMS is the reason for what I am today, that I am able to stand before you to give this speech is the result of my education here. It took me from weakness to strength and from nothing to something the knowledge from school has imparted upon me will be greatest assets throughout my life. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all my teachers who accompanied me in the academic travel, you encouraged us, you tuned us to face tough situations are our real goodness in our life you taught as academic along with attitude which facilitates us for a healthy life. Being under your leadership was the most fulfilling time of my life; I pray for your endless happiness and love in your life. MMS is a place where all of us have come together, learn together and live together. MMS is surely a treasure time for all of us, which we will remember and cherish our whole life, today I am thankful for the precious past which lead me to the fantastic future.

12th  std.

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