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“He who does not research has nothing to teach”! We subscribe to evidence-based practice. We have a dedicated Educational Research, Development and Training unit for this purpose. Evidence refers to the knowledge that connects research to practice. Over the years, an increasing emphasis on evidence has led to a movement for evidence-based practice (EBP).


More than 11 acres of our campus land is available for agriculture and gardening. We practice organic farming and the children are provided practical education in cultivating vegetables in the same way. The vegetables cultivated from this farmland are supplied to students dining hall and staff canteen


From Our Secretary

The world is fast moving. I guess as many as more than 50 percent of today’s students will be employed in jobs that don’t exist yet. So preparing young people for the world of tomorrow is definitely challenging.

Qualifications and knowledge remain important. But it is no longer enough to secure a successful future. We must provide the young children the opportunity to grow as creative and critical citizens. They should be prepared to shape the future for themselves.

Hence at MMS, we design our classroom programmes for the students in alignment with the changes in national education policies and development of new education standards. The classroom practices focus to introduce innovative teaching methodology and improve young people’s digital skills.

Alongside the mainstream curriculum,  we provide students with the digital, problem solving and critical thinking skills needed for a successful career in work or continuing education. Our Educational Research, Training and Development Unit (ERTDU) is the backbone of our teacher empowerment programmes and to strengthen the teaching, learning and assessment processes. We are working in collaboration with educational experts, industrial and other professional establishments to create opportunities for us to sharpen our focus.  We engage with a network of other schools, professional bodies and key stakeholders including schools from other countries to share our best practices with other schools that are part of the network.


Founder Member and Secretary

From Our Chairman & Correspondent

MMS is continuously focussing on the competency-based approach from its inception. Knowledge-based education involves books. It focusses on the traditional ‘read and writes system’. It often means rote learning. Bookish knowledge can only help to succeed till a certain limit.

But skill-based education requires experience. When the students learn science they perform experiments in the laboratories. This is because the learner gains more ‘real’ knowledge. This approach is being strengthened at MMS for the students by exposing them to the outside world and visiting faculty from industries and commerce interact with the students and teachers.

Similarly, the students of commerce and humanities are also given the opportunity to learn from the practical experiences of visiting faculties from industrial and commercial establishments and practicing experts.

Empowerment and enhancing the skills of teachers and other staff and including the governing council will put the school in a progressive path and we will continue this process in the years to come.


Aaron Jeyaseelan
Chairman and Correspondent
Our School

Facilities and Organizations

Keeping in view the mission statement of the school, various activities have been designed and implemented for facilitating quality education which brings in all-round growth and development of intellectual pursuits of the students, and thereby their personality.


Our classrooms are child-friendly in every aspect. Each classroom measures a minimum of 1200 square feet with wide verandahs, ample space to move around, child-friendly furniture, community-classroom properties like learning materials and stationery and Green effects.


To accommodate the needs of the 21st-century learner, state-of-the-art wired & Therefore, wireless communications, computers, security surveillance and server infrastructure are installed.


Our focus on imparting the best possible physical education to our students through a variety of sports is substantiated by our sports facilities within the campus.


The primary focus is always given on effective utilization of electrical and electronic items to bring down the unit usage of electricity tariff and UPS (24/7) from servers and other electronic equipment.

After School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

Improved Social and Emotional Competencies, Improved Physical Fitness, Practice of Improved Life-Skills Activities, Fitness Activities-Yoga, Jogging and Aerobics, Hence, Individual Goal Setting (academic and behavioral), Circle Time, Individual Counselling, Behavior Modification, Case Study Presentations, Cultural Events, Life Skill Programs: Gardening, Horticulture, Pre-Cooking Skills, House Keeping, Agriculture and Personality Development Programs.


At a glance

Mathakondapalli Model School-one of the best CBSE schools in hosur provides comfortable living facilities for boys and girls separately in the Rural Institute for Community Education – Mathakondapalli Model School (MMS) dormitory campus. The dormitory can accommodate up to 500 children. At present, more than 300 boys and girls reside in the dorms. Life for children here is simple, yet full of opportunities for community living which helps them develop their independent individual spirits.

Another practice here is the `para hostel’ system, in which day scholars are permitted to live in the dorm for a few days or up to a week. The school provides residential programs for them with a view to promoting the integrated development of body and mind, together with interpersonal skills. In the residential setup, the institution provides maximum possible space and resources, to shape the character of students in a manner that inculcates and enriches every aspect of their personalities and behaviour, both individual and social.


Upcoming Curricular Activities & Events




The CBSE Board examination starts. Let us wish our students and teachers the best.

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An annual function celebrated by a school gives a chance to students to display the managerial and other skills they excel at. Ex- singing, dancing, debates, quizzes etc. 



Primary Annual Day

A voyage that transcends the border between reality and fantasy, to know that fantasies are not wishful thoughts, but roads to realities.

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Sports do not build character. They reveal it.



Preprimary Graduation

The tiny tots of UKG will receive their degree certificates and enter into the primary school.

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Sports do not build character. They reveal it.



What Parents are Saying

I feel proud that my kids belong to the MMS family. The first and foremost thing I got attracted towards MMS is the pollution free environment. I appreciate the way children are treated in MMS. Kids are freely let to be kids. Learning comes through a beautiful way of enjoying and understanding the concept. Logical thinking is found abundant in MMS kids. Children are given a chance of good exposure to various activities. More than mere book oriented education MMS orients towards life education.

I am proud to be a parent of RICE MMS. My child is studying in pre-primary (UKG A). She is able to tell many stories in both the languages (Tamil, English). I can see a lot of encouragement from all teachers.

I came to know from my child that they are going for nature walks. Hence, she is able to identify names of the vegetables easily. She explained about honey web in her school and I felt happy hearing her words. She is able to differentiate healthy and unhealthy foods. I thank the management for providing good transportation and hygienic food.

A Ball Game stadium with a Seating Capacity of 4000
Two Basket Ball courts with a Seating Capacity of 1000
Two Volley Ball courts with a Seating Capacity of 1000
Two Kho-Kho courts with a Seating Capacity of 1000

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