Vision & Mission


All children have equal rights to quality life




To develop models in education and to enhance the capacity of individuals, families, organisation and communities


‘Trust you are born to win’
‘Be sensitive to others feelings’
‘Pursue until you achieve’
‘Worship truth has gone’
‘Enjoy life with your life being’

Theme of the year

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Who we are?

We are basically a research oriented school in the area of "teaching, learning and assessment".

Our concern is Quality Management in Education and Building Excellence and Equity in Student Performance through continuous improvement in 'teaching, learning and assessment'.



We are delighted to offer our facilities for hire during the School holidays and outside normal school hours. The School’s accessible location, flexible facilities and ample parking make it an ideal venue for a wide range of events; Read More

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Our Parent Speak


As a place for learning and self-discovery, RICE MMS is teaching the children how to interact with the world around them and discover the potential of their abilities. It's amazing to see how they are growing up into little people and MMS has been there with us along the way. Recognising the multiple intelligences and supporting the children develop their intelligences is the uniqueness of RICE MMS. My son is the best example! ” ……..Jeelan Khan  


“RICE MMS is a family consisting of not only friends and teachers, but lots of other hidden treasures. One should seek them and enjoy their riches. Identifying the learning styles of the children and supporting them in their lessons is quite something which I have never seen anywhere”.  



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Rural Institute For Community Education, Mathagondapalli Model School ( CBSE )
Mathagondapalli post, Via Hosur
Krishnagiri District,
Tamil Nadu - 635 114, India.